Program for April 19th 2023



10.00-10.10 Institutional Greetings & Conference Opening



Chairs: L.Stella, P. Calligari

10.10-10.50 Invited Talk: G. Bussi

Dissecting RNA dynamics combining molecular simulations and solution experiments

10.50-11.00 F. Costa Noncanonical electromechanical coupling paths in the cardiac hERG channel

11.00-11.10 C. Guardiani CRACking the allosteric gating of CRAC channel: a MD study

  11.10-11.20 A. Del Giudice Regulation of the photosynthetic AB-GAPDH via self-assembly

11.20-11.30 E. Bassotti Post-lyophilized apoferritin and insulin: structure and dynamics characterization


11.30-12.00 COFFEE BREAK


Chairs: V.Minicozzi, L. Maiolo

12.00-12.10 F. Stellato Chasing the Elusive "In-Between" State of the Copper-Amyloidβ Complex by X-ray Absorption through Partial Thermal Relaxation after Photoreduction

12.10-12.20 S.Botticelli OPTIMIZING [FEFE]-HYDROGENASE

12.20-12.30 A. Olivieri Structural insights into selective binding mechanism of the Ochratoxin A Aptamer

12.30-12.40 R. Piacentini Astrocyte-mediated synaptotoxic action of tau oligomers relys on Amyloid Precursor Protein Intracellular Domain-dependent expression of Glypican-4

12.40-12.50 A. Capocefalo Interaction of amyloid fibrils with plasmonic nanoparticles: a nanoscale investigation towards the development of novel therapeutic strategies

12.50-13.00 B. Rizzuti Computational drug design against an intrinsically disordered oncoprotein


13.00-14.00 LUNCH



Chairs: A. Gerardino, L. Businaro

14.00-14.40 Invited Talk: E.Di Fabrizio

Nanotechnologies for biology and medicine

14.40-14.50 A. Giacomello Hydrophobically gated nanofluidic memristors inspired by ion channels

14.50-15.00 S. Franco Study of the phase behaviour of dual responsive IPN microgels by combination of rheology and calorimetry

15.00-15.10 G. Perini Enhancement of Antitumor Efficacy via Photothermal Therapy using Carboxylated Graphene Quantum Dots: A Study on 3D Bioprinted Glioblastoma Models with Improved Drug-Membrane Permeability, Reactive Oxygen Species Production, and Immune System Recruitment

15.10-15.20 R. Reale A microfluidic scanning flow cytometer for accurate particle sizing

15.20-15.30 Y. Derevyanchuk Biocompatibility and Connectivity of Semiconductor Nanostructures for Cardiac Tissue Engineering Applications


15.30-16.00 COFFEE BREAK




Chairs: A. Convertino, G. Longo

16.00-16.40 Invited Talk: I. Barman

Probing cellular biophysics with label-free high-speed quantitative phase imaging

16.40-16.50 M.C. Castrovilli

Ambient Electrospray Deposition: an Efficient Technique to Immobilize Laccase on cheap electrodes with unprecedented Reuse and Storage Performances

16.50-17.00 M. Chinappi Tuning shape and surface charge of biological pores for controlling electroosmotic flow in nanopore based sensing devices

17.00-17.10 R. Pizzoferrato A new Optical Methods for Quantitative Detection of Microplastics in Water Based on Fluorescence Analysis

17.10-17.20 M. Nicoletti Exploring neuronal dynamics through biophysical models: an application to the C. elegans case.

17.20-17.30 B. Simonis Development of Resveratrol-loaded liposomes for brain delivery

17.30-17.40 G. Prevete Olive leaves extract loaded liposomes: physicochemical characterization and in vitro antimicrobial activity

17.40-17.50 M. Clemente Lipoplex-based systems for oligonucleotides delivery across blood-brain barrier

17.50-18.00 P. Hanieh Microsponges: an innovative drug delivery platform for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis


We remind that for safety reason, there will not be a dedicated “Poster Session”, the posters will be available on the screen indicated below the whole day. In the case of 2 posters on the same screen, priority will be given to the first poster in the morning and to the second poster in the afternoon, unless otherwise agreed by the presenters.

Screen 1

-          Combined effects of curcumin and photon beam irradiation on cultured glioblastoma cells studied by 1H Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy 

Testa D., Anello P., Colone M., Dupuis M. L., Stringaro A., Fuggetta M. P., Rosi A., Grande S., Palma A. 

Screen 2

-          Synergic Effects of Biochar, Bioactivators and Plants on PH-Contaminated Soil 

Mazzurco Miritana, V., Passatore, L., Zacchini, M., Pietrini, F., Carloni, S., Peruzzi , E.,Marinari, S., Massaccessi, L., Barra Caracciolo, A., Rolan 

Screen 3

-          Stamping and Patterning of conjugated polymers for artificial retina devices with special and spectral selectivity 

Joseph E.,Leonardi C.,Ciocca M.,Vesce L.,Marinani P.,Reddy S. H.,Podpangi S. K.,Castriotta L. A.,Giacamo D. F.,Carlo A. D.,Camaioni A.,Brown T. M. 

-          Semiconducting polymer bio-hybrid interfaces: a comprehensive bioelectrical characterization and evaluation 

G.Gentile, M.Ciocca, A.Zanon,I.Pichler,A.Rossini,L.Petti 

Screen 4

-          An FT-IR investigation on the X ray radiation effects on lipids extracts from HepG2 cells: preliminary results.

Faramarzi B, Moggio M., Cardamuro V., Portaccio M., Diano N., Manti L., Lepore M. 

Screen 5

-          Colorimetric sensors based on poly(acrylic acid)/TiO2 nanocomposite hydrogels for monitoring UV radiation exposure

S. Botti, F. Bonfigli, R. D’Amato, J. Rodesi , M.G. Santonicola 

-          Fabrication and characterization of collagen/k-carrageenan 3D scaffolds as model systems for in vitro studies of microcalcifications in breast cancer

Corti G., Nogueira L.F. B., Caroleo F., Magrini A., Melino S., Paolesse R., Ciancaglini P., Dinarelli S., Ramos A.P., Bottini M. 

Screen 6

-          Comparison of vibrational spectra of healthy and diseased cell lines to detect spectral biomarkers of pathology 

Lasalvia, M. Capozzi, V. Perna, G. 

-          Clinical use of Raman Spectroscopy Improves Diagnostic Accuracy for Indeterminate Thyroid Nodules

Verri M., DI Gioacchino M., Palermo A., Naciu A.M., Paolucci A., DI Masi A., Maggi D, Perrella E, Taffon C, Ricci M.A., Crescenzi A, Sodo A. 

Screen 7

-          Fabrication of ZnO nanorods / reduced graphene oxide low-impedance electrodes for glial cell signalling recording 

Del Rio De Vicente J. I., Salvó D., Maiolo L. , Lucarini I., Maita F. 

-          Recording the electrical activity of electrogenic cells with low amplitude signals through disordered silicon nanowires based electrodes 

Maita F., Maiolo L., Lucarini I., Del Rio I., Sciortino A., Ledda M., Mussi V., Lisi A., Convertino A. 

Screen 8

-          Microfluidic technology for liposome production: a Design of Experiment approach 

Buttitta G., Bonacorsi S., Savioli M., Raimondi S. 

Screen 9

-          Characterizing Cu-Amyloid Beta Peptide Complexes: A Multi-Scale Computational Approach to Understanding Alzheimer's Disease 

Alleva S., Minicozzi V., Stellato F. 

-          Investigation of 5-Fluorouracil Anticancer Drug by DFT calculations and Car−Parrinello Molecular Dynamics simulations 

 Muroni A., Pulci O., Minicozzi V. 

Screen 10

-          MicroSystemQ: a label-free system for active cell sorting 

Brandi C., Spanò S., Cardarilli G.C., Verona E., Businaro L., Bisegna P., De Ninno A., Caselli F

-          On the compatibility of nanovials with microfluidic impedance cytometry 

Petitta F., Brandi C., De Ninno A., Bisegna P., Caselli F. 

Screen 11

-          Head or tail? A molecular dynamic approach to the complex structure of TNF-associated factor TRAF2

Erba, F., Di Paola, L., Di Venere, A., Mei, G., Minicozzi, V. 

-          Computational insights into FMRP KH1-G266E structure (in)stability

De Sciscio M.L., Catalano F., Giardina G., Di Matteo A., Travaglini C., D’Abramo, M. 

Screen 13

-          Enhancing gFET Biosensor Sensitivity with DNA Linkers: a computational approach for bioreceptor orientation 

Perta N., Rexha J., Motta S., Romagnoli A., Di Marino D. 

-          gFET for extracellular vesicles detection: a new rapid tool for cancer diagnosis 

Rexha J., Perta N., Romagnoli A., Guescini M., Di Marino 

Screen 14

-          Microalgal-based systems for sustainable wastewater upcycling, bioprocess optimization by mechanical stress 

Ortenzi F., Montereali F., Contaldo A., Buccarello L., Stoica L., Di Marco A., Della Rocca B. M., Bruno L. 

Screen 15

-          Dissecting FMRP Domains to Restor the Synaptic Function in Fragile X Syndrome

Venturini G., Cirilli I., Roscini A., Romagnoli A., La Teana A., Di Marino D.

Screen 16

-          Zein protein microcapsules prepared through ultrasound-assisted emulsification 

Quarta A., Venanzi M., Cavalieri F. 

-          Modelling connectivity in functional brain networks for clinical and phenotypical characterizations

Parente F., Colosimo A.