Program of April 20th 2023


9.30 -10.00 WELCOME & REGISTRATION (Foyer)



Chairs: V. Mussi, M. Girasole

10.00 -10.10 A. Caporale Brain parenchyma free water fraction is associated with tissue damage and impaired processing speed in multiple sclerosis

10.10 -10.20 M. Di Gioacchino Probing oxidative stress in cytological thyroid samples by Raman spectroscopy

10.20 -10.30 M. Fratini A multiscale approach based on the combination of DTI, XRD and histology to study the myeloarchitecture in a rat model of mTBI

10.30 -11.10 Invited Talk: G. Ruocco

Brillouin microscopy: a new tool for mechanobiology

11.10 -11.20 I. Delfino Modifications of mechanical and biochemical properties of neuroblastoma nuclei upon exposure to X-rays: a study by AFM and micro – FTIR spectroscopy

11.20 -11.30 M. Ciocca A Polymer Bio–Photoelectrolytic Platform for Electrical Signal Measurement and for Light Modulation of Ion Fluxes and Proliferation in a Neuroblastoma Cell Line


11.30-12.00 COFFEE BREAK



Chairs: F.R. Bertani, A. De Ninno


12.00 -12.10 G. Bretti A mathematical-based forecasting algorithm for immune cell migration in cancer-on-chip experiment

12.10 -12.20 A. Abeltino Personalized Metabolic Avatar: a digital replica of the human metabolism empowered by deep learning models

12.20 -12.30 G. Bianchetti Bridging in-vitro models and clinical applications through machine learning-based metabolic imaging: a focus on red blood cells functional alterations in diabetes-related complications

12.30 -12.40 A. Riente Development of a data-driven personalized model for human glucose homeostasis through a digital web-based application powered by wearable sensors

12.40 -12.50 C. Serantoni A data-driven model to assess the influence of diet and metabolism on the cardiovascular response at a personalized level

12.50 -13.00 G. Zimatore On detection of transitions in nonlinear signals: a multidisciplinary challenge.




13.00 -13.10 C.M. Casciola The local variation of the Gaussian modulus enables different pathways for fluid lipid vesicle fusion

13.10 -13.20 Y. Gerelli Probing the Separation Distance between Viruses and Cell Membrane Mimics with Sub- Nanometer Accuracy

13.20 -13.30 F. Toma Preparation and characterization of liposomes for the delivery of an antarctic fish-derived antimicrobial peptide (AMP)

13.30 -13.35 R. Di Santo Spectral profiling of circulating extracellular vesicles for cancer liquid biopsy through FTIR spectroscopy (FLASH)


13.35-14.30 LUNCH



Chairs: M. Ledda, A. Notargiacomo


14.35 -14.40 E. Franci Kinetics of interaction between an antimicrobial peptide and bacterial cells (FLASH)

14.40 -14.50 C.Troiano Rapid assessment of susceptibility of bacteria and erythrocytes to antimicrobial peptides by single-cell impedance cytometry

14.50 -15.00 A. Romeo e C. Arcangeli Insights into the possible interaction between fine particulate matter and SARS-CoV-2: molecular and in silico approaches

15.00 -15.10 A. D’Arco Towards a spectroscopic sensoristic platform for airborne pathogens: infrared characterization of spike glycoproteins from MERS-CoV and its variants

15.10 -15.20 D. Di Marino Tailoring protein structures towards ultrasensitive detection of SARS-CoV-2 and Extracellular Vesicles using graphene FET biosensors




15.20 -15.30 N. Fiaschini Design, production and characterization of oily extracts-loaded electrospun membranes for wound healing application

15.30 -15.40 V. Nigro Fluorescent Nuclear Track Detectors for Radiobiology: the BIOTRACK project

15.40 -15.50 J.Chiarinelli The BioDivErSI project

15.50 -15.55 A. Sciortino Exploiting the DIAgnostic potential of disorder: novel Nanostructured platform for rapid, label-free and low-cost analysis of genomic DNA (FLASH)

15.55 -16.00 C. Ricci Portable optical spectroscopy in combination with machine learning techniques for quantification of wheat protein content (FLASH)

16.00 -16.05 G. Imparato Development of spectroscopic non-destructive method for food adulteration: preliminary fluorescence test of saffron and its adulterants.  (FLASH)


16.05 -16.30 COFFEE BREAK


16.30 -17.30 Dialogue: GLI INDISTINTI CONFINI

Thoughts and considerations around Italo Calvino's lecture on Exactitude

 with Laura Di Nicola e Alberto Diaspro


17.30 - 18.00 Closing Remarks, Best Poster and Image Contest Award Ceremony




We remind that for safety reason, there will not be a dedicated “Poster Session”, the posters will be available on the screen indicated below the whole day. In the case of 2 posters on the same screen, priority will be given to the first poster in the morning and to the second poster in the afternoon, unless otherwise agreed by the presenters.

Screen 1

-           TiO2 nanostructured array for optical ultrasensitive biosensing 

Mancini T., D'Arco A., Macis S., Mosetti R., Della Ventura G., Marcelli A., Paolocci C., Chronopoulou L., Comini E., Galstyan V., Lupi S. 

Screen 2

-          Development of spectroscopic non-destructive method for food adulteration: preliminary fluorescence test of saffron and its adulterants.

Imparato, G., Nucara, A., Gerardino, A., Ordoudi, S., Bertani, F. R. 

Screen 3

-          Machine learning-assisted FTIR analysis of circulating extracellular vesicles for cancer liquid biopsy.

Di Santo R., Vaccaro M., Romanò S., Di Giacinto F., Papi M., Rapaccini G.L., De Spirito M., Miele L., Basile U., Ciasca G.

-          Portable optical spectroscopy in combination with machine learning techniques for quantification of wheat protein content 

Ricci C., Giammarino A., Gadaleta A., Gerardino A., Ferrara G., Bertani F. R. 

Screen 4

-          Conformational Dynamics of Ago-RNA complex in mixed water/methanol solvent. 

Porcelli F., Casavola A.R., Grottesi A., Schiumarini D., Avaldi L. 

Screen 5

-          Structural Controllability to Unveil Hidden Regulation Mechanisms in Unfolded Protein Response: the Role of Network Models 

Luchetti, N., Loppini, A., Matarrese, M. A. G., Chiodo, L., Filippi, S. 

-          Multidisciplinary Platform for Neuro-degenerative Diseases: the PERSEO Project

Mencattini A., Dabbagh Moghaddam F, Bertani F.R., Casti P., D'Orazio M., Pastore D., Pacifici F., Della Morte D., Martinelli E.

Screen 6

-          Photoluminescent lithium fluoride proton detectors for clinical dosimetry 

Piccinini M., Nichelatti E., Nigro V., Vincenti M.A., Ronsivalle C., Ampollini A., Trinca E., Nenzi P., Bazzano G., Montereali R.M. 

Screen 7

-          Ultrasound as a “green” abiotic stress to improve the fermentation process: an application to beer production 

C Chicarella G., Ortenzi F., Buccarello L., Contaldo A. , Stoica L., Di Marco A., Morozzo della Rocca B. 


-          Effect of the hop extract and of bioactive compounds from hop plant on the aggregation of human insulin in amyloid aggregation

Mari E., Ortore M.G. 

Screen 8

-          Diagnostic potential of disorder: Low cost and label-free Raman biosensors based on Ag-coated nanostructures for the detection of biological fluids 

Fiorentini E., Durastanti C., Cirillo E.N.M., Sciortino A., Ledda M., Lisi A., Convertino A., Maiolo L., Mussi V. 

-          Exploiting the DIAgnostic potential of disorder: novel Nanostructured platform for rapid, label-free and low-cost analysis of genomic DNA

Sciortino A., Lancia G. Durastanti C., Spitoni C., De Benedictis I., Cirillo E.N.M., Ledda M., Lisi A., Convertino A., and Mussi V. 

Screen 9

-          Atomic force microscopy characterization of extracellular vesicles and cellular budding 

Sbarigia,C. Dinarelli,S. Mura,F. Buccini,L. Vari,F. Passeri,D. Rossi,M. Tacconi,S. Dini,L 

-          AFM topographical mapping of budding of extracellular vesicles in temozolomide treated glioblastoma cells 

F. Vari, D. Vardanyan, S. Dinarelli, D. Passeri, S. Tacconi, L. Dini 

Screen 10

-          Optimization of SH2 domain inhibitors to target oncogenic protein tyrosine phosphatase SHP2 

Fulci C., Calligari P., Innamorati C., Storti C., Bobone S., Peggion C., Biondi B., Bocchinfuso G., Stella L. 

-          Exploring the Allosteric Regulation of Transmembrane Channels by External Coiled-Coil Helices 

 Di Muccio G., Guardiani C., Tinti A., Giacomello A.

Screen 11

-          Different approaches for the scalable manufacturing of niosomes: a focus on microfluidics and thin layer evaporation method 

Forte J., Fabiano M.G., Rinaldi F., Marianecci C., Carafa M. 

-          Optimization of oil in water Nanoemulsions by different surfactants/oils 

Fabiano M. G., Forte J., Rinaldi F., Garzoli S., Marianecci C., Carafa M. 

Screen 13

-          The EuPRAXIA photon beams: ultra-bright light pulses for imaging and spectroscopy 

Stellato F

Screen 14

-          N-Myristoylation increases the antifungal activity of three newly designed short peptides.

Massaro F., Toma F., Pandolfi F., Bombelli C., Ceccacci F., Bugli F., Saracerni P.R., Buonocore F., Borocci S., Porcelli F. 

Screen 15

-          Kinetics of interaction between an antimicrobial peptide and bacterial cells 

Troiano C., Franci E., Toto A., Fulci C., Casciaro B., Loffredo M.R., Mangoni M.L., Gianni S., Stella L. 

Screen 16

-          An experiment of Active Learning: a combined Molecular Dynamics and SAXS study on Cytochrome structure

Angelucci A., Caliò C., Cattivera F., Comparini E., Di Tolla A., Gesuale E., Luciani E., Murano G., Del Giudice A., D'Abramo M.