"On the path to sustainability’’

April 19th & 20th 2023

A Free Admittance Conference

Deadline for Abstract Submission March 1st 2023

Registration deadline April 1st, 2023

The biggest challenge in today's world, as identified by the UN Sustainable Development Agenda, is to protect the Earth’s environment and improve the lives of its inhabitants, through sustainable actions and choices. Such a global task can only be achieved through scientific contributions from all areas of knowledge, aimed at combating climate change, ensuring healthy lives, and promoting human well-being.

In this perspective, the Tech4Bio group has been engaged for many years in the fields of Biomedicine and Biophysics, for the development of innovative strategies in the areas of biosensors, nanotechnologies, and regenerative medicine.

The Tech4bio group is the promoter of Biophysics@Rome, a biennial symposium held with the patronage of SIBPA (Italian Society of Pure and Applied Biophysics), that brings together scientists interested in the fields of biophysics and technologies for biology and medicine. These periodic conferences aim to foster the creation of a fertile ground for the emergence of “interdisciplinary people”, putting together skills and expertise coming from different intersecting fields.

We are now pleased to announce the fifth edition of the Biophysics@Rome Conference, which will be held on April 19th -20th, 2023, in Rome. The aim of this edition, even if open to any contribution, is to provide a particular focus on the possible impact of biophysics toward a sustainable world. Session will cover different aspects of biophysics and biotechnologies ranging from molecular and cellular studies of fundamental biological processes to applications in environmental monitoring, tissue engineering, biomaterials, biosensors, and innovative devices in the therapeutic and diagnostic fields.

During the conference, special awards will be assigned to best poster and best "Biophysics Art production"!!