Biophysics@Rome 2014  

May 22nd


9.15 -10.00 Registration & BREAKFAST

10.00-10.30 Institutional Greetings and Conference Opening


SESSION 1 Networks&Modeling  Chair: J. Rau, L. Businaro


10.30-10.45 A. Barra, Finitely Connected Lymphocyte Networks in the Immune System

10.45-11.00 L.B. Caruso, Topological Networks in the study of protein structure-function relationships

11.00-11. 15 G. Dattoli, Scaling laws, tumor evolution, capillary networks and metastasis diffusion

11.15-11.30 L. Guidoni, The molecular biophysics of photosynthesis explored by first principles

11.30-11.45 D. Simone, Modeling neuronal structure-function relationships: a computational approach


12.00-14.00 Lunch & Poster Session


SESSION 2 Proteins  Chair: V. Mussi, L. Stella


14.00-14.45 Invited Talk: B. Bechinger

Biophysical investigations of designed histidine-rich peptides with potent biological activities


14.45-15.00 D. Di Marino, All-atom MD Simulation of Protein Translocation through α-hemolysin Nanopore: Implications for Protein Sequence/Structural Analyses

15.00-15.15 F: Cecconi, Coarse-grained modeling of protein unspecifically bound to DNA

15.15-15.30 M. Chinappi, Protein translocation through nanopores: multistep translocation pathways from Molecular Dynamics simulations


15.30-16.15 Coffee Break & Poster Session


SESSION 3 Sensors&Materials Chair: F. Di Pietrantonio, L. Maiolo


16.15-17.00 Invited Talk:  S. D’Auria,

Understanding Protein Structure Opens New Diagnostic Avenues


17.00-17.15 F. MarracinoCharacterization of GafChromic EBT3 films with 60CO and low energy protons for radiobiology dosimetry

17.15-17.30 J.E. Villarreal-Barajas, Luminescence response of pure LiF crystals irradiated with 60Co gamma rays and MV x rays clinical beams

17.30-17.45 A. Moleti, Cochlear scale-invariance and time-frequency analysis of optoacoustic emissions

17.45-18.00 A. Rinaldi, Statistical methods for the design of bioscaffolds for tissue engineering