Biophysics@Rome 2014  

May 23rd


SESSION 4: Microscopy&spectroscopy I  Chair: F. Bertani, M. Girasole


9.30-10.15 Invited Talk: P. Gilbert

Phase Transitions in CaCO3 biominerals mapped with 20-nm resolution


10.15-10.30 M. D’Acunto, Cell Motility, Contact Guidance and Mechanotaxis

10.30-10.45 F. Bonfigli, Soft X-ray contact microscopy of dry biological samples and in vivo plant cells on high spatial resolution lithium fluoride fluorescent imaging detectors


10.45-11.00 Coffee Break


SESSION 5: Microscopy&spectroscopy II  Chair: A. Notargiacomo,  A. Cedola


11.00-11.15 L. Stella, Behaviour of antimicrobial peptides in phospholipid membranes: insights from combined spectroscopic and simulative studies

11.15-11.30 S. Dinarelli, Morphological and nanomechanical properties of RBC: chemical and physiological pathways

11.30-11.45 A. De Ninno, Microfluidics co-culture environments to explore complex cancer and immune cells related dynamics

11.45-12.00 P. Varju, Real-time 3D fast two-photon imaging microscopy: from the technological point

to the in vivo biological applications


12.15-14.00 Lunch & Poster Session


SESSION 6  Biochemistry&aggregation kinetics I  Chair: L. Suber,  A. Gerardino


14.00-14.45 Invited Talk: A. Cattaneo

Neurotrophin deficits as an upstream mechanism  for Alzheimer's neurodegeneration: therapeutic opportunities

14.45-15.00 E. Agliari, Cybernetical approaches in biochemical kinetics

15.00-15.15 D. Narzi, Pathway for Mn cluster oxidation by Tyrosine-Z in the S2 state of PhotosystemII

15.15-15.30 A. De Ninno, Effect of weak magnetic fields on acid-base equilibrium of L-Phe

15.30-15.45 J Rau, New generation of bioactive materials for implant coating applications in regenerative nanomedicine


15.45-16.30 Coffee Break & Poster Session


SESSION 7 Biochemistry&aggregation kinetics II  Chair: M. D’Acunto, A. Pecora


16.30-16.45 A. Magliano, Molecular dynamics study on fibrillogenesis: all-atom self-aggregation of amyloidogenic peptides in explicit water

16.45-17.00 V. Minicozzi, Computational and Experimental Studies on beta-Sheet Breakers Targeting Abeta(1–40) Fibrils

17.00-17.15 F. Stellato, Copper–Zinc cross-modulation in prion protein binding

17.15-17.30 A. M. Bersani, Enzyme kinetics and quasi-steady state approximations: a mathematical point of view


17.30 -18.00 Closing Remarks and Image Contest “BiophysicART””