III SESSION: Biomedical applications


9.00-9.30 Invited, Valentina C. Dinca, NILPRP, National Institute for Lasers, Plasma, and Radiation Physics - Magurele, Romania

Bioinstructive multiscaled interfaces engineering by laser direct texturing for tailoring the mesenchymal stem cells response in vitro


9.30-11.00 5 Contributions (12+3 min.) + 2 flash presentations (5 min.)


-          M. Fratini, NANOTEC-CNR, Fondazione Santa Lucia IRCSS

X-ray Phase-Contrast multiscale-Tomography for the 3D quantitative investigation of the spinal cord neuronal arrangements for preclinical application

-          L. Maugeri, Fondazione Santa Lucia IRCSS

Study of the spinal cord and brainstem functional activation in response to a controlled motor task using fMRI

-          S. Capuani, ISC-CNR

Assessment of cancellous bone quality through NMR diffusion measurement of water in trabecular bone microstructure and bone marrow fatty acids quantification

-          R. Piacentini, Inst. Human Phys. Univ. Cattolica

Reduced gliotransmitter release from astrocytes mediates tau-induced synaptic dysfunction in cultured hippocampal neurons

-          S. Visentin, Dept. Mol. Biotech. Health Sci. Univ. Torino

Airway mucus microenvironment modelling to be applied on cystic fibrosis drug discovery

-          M. G. Di Trani, CNR-ISC, Phys. Dept. Univ. Rome “Sapienza”

Flash: Non-Gaussian Diffusion NMR discriminates between low- and high-risk prostate cancer

-          A. Caporale, CNR-ISC, SAIMLAL Dept. Univ. Rome “Sapienza”

Flash: The anomalous diffusion of biological water provides microstructural and physiological information of brain tissue


                     11.00-12.00 Coffe Break + Poster session 2 Biomedical Applications and Tissue Engineering


IV SESSION: Molecular Biophysics


12.00-13.10 4 Contributions (12+3 min.) + 2 flash presentations (5 min.)


-          A. Carpaneto, IBF-CNR

The plant vacuole as a biological model system to study the functional properties of intracellular channels and transporters

-          S. Signorelli, Univ. Tuscia, Viterbo

Characterization of the interaction between the Amphipathic Cell Penetrating Peptide p28 and the Wild Type and Mutated p53 by Raman and Atomic Force Spectroscopies combined with Surface Plasmon Resonance

-          M. C. Castrovilli, ISM-CNR

Ion induced fragmentation of 5BrU pure and hydrated clusters: role of the environment in radiosensitising mechanisms and resulting mutagenesis

-          M. Sette, Dept. Chem. Sci. Tech. Univ. Rome Tor Vergata

The interaction of H-NS with its target DNA

-          I. D’annessa, ICRM-CNR

Flash: Design of allosteric stimulators of the HSP90 ATPase as novel anticancer leads

-          S. Rinaldi, ICRM-CNR

Flash: Tuning the molecular mechanism of Hsp70 via a new allosteric network


13.10-14.00 Lunch


V SESSION: Tissue Engineering


14.00-14.30 Invited, Giuseppe Remuzzi, IRCCS-Mario Negri, Bergamo; Dept. Med., Unit of Nephrology and Dialysis, ASST—Papa Giovanni XXIII, Bergamo; Dept. of Biom. and Clin. Scien., Univ. Milano

Can we really create organs in the lab?


14.30-15.30 4 Contributions (12+3 min.)


-          G. Forte, Center for Transl. Med. (CTM), Intern. CliniC. Res. Center (ICRC), St Anne’s Univ. Hospital, Brno Czech Republic, DepT. Biomaterials Sci., Inst. Dentistry, Univ. Turku, Finland

YAP regulates cell mechanics by controlling cell-matrix interaction strength

-          E. Malucelli, Dept. Pharm. Biotech. Univ. Bologna

Ultrastructural study of biomineralization process in human bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells during the osteoblastic differentiation

-          A. Rainer, Tissue Engineering Lab, Univ. Campus BioMedico Rome

Engineering functional skeletal muscle networks by microfluidic bioprinting

-          F. Mochi, Dept Industrial Engineering, INSTM Univ. Rome Tor Vergata

Simple 3D direct laser writing for tissue engineering


                                  15.30-16.30 Coffe Break + Poster session 3 Computational and Molecular Biophysics


VI SESSION: Computational Biophysics


16.30-17.45 5 Contributions (12+3 min.)


-          L. Guidoni, Dept. Phys. Chem Sci. Univ. L’Aquila

Molecular details of the first steps in photosynthesis

-          D. Di Marino, Dept. Informatics, Inst. Comput. Sci Univ. Svizzera Italiana

A Comprehensive Description of the Homo and Heterodimerization Mechanism of the Chemokine Receptors CCR5 and CXCR4

-          A. Paladino, ICRM-CNR

Differential Modulation of αvβ3 dynamics upon RGD-ligands

-          P. Calligari, Univ. Padova, Univ. Rome Tor Vergata

Time-correlated networks of motions in proteins: a basis for spectroscopy-related models of internal dynamics

-          F. Stellato, Dept. Phys. Univ. Rome Tor Vergata, INFN

First principle calculation of X-ray absorption spectra



17.45-18.15 Awards and Closing Remarks